Gardens of Augustus

Ten minutes distance from the celebrated Piazza, also named the sitting room of the world. Passing famous boutiques. We arrive at the Gardens of Augustus.
In this green park we find many evergreen mediterranean shrubs of various shapes. This massive presence of flora is perceptible also in the air. The balmy exhaltation from the maritime pines, flowers, myrtles, lentisk, and junipers all mix in the marine breeze bringing a salty perfume. On the highest part of the Gardens the terraces face the southern part of the island, Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni, with a breathtaking view of cliffs falling sheer to the sea. We can admire too the winding pathway carved out of the rugged mountain side, it leads from the sea to the town. It was constructed at the start of the 1900 by the german steel magnate Alfred Krupp. At that time he came to Capri to recover from various ailments.
Via Krupp was inhaugerated in april 1902, when complete the road was.
The steep rock wall did not permit the road Krupp wanted to construct, a spiral that could take one from the sea up to the beautiful town,towards the sun.
Pushing forward and without realising it the island had cured all his illness, but it had also given work to many people in the years when they were suffering an economis crisis.

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