Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto The Blue Grotto is an image of Capri pas excellence. Under the administration of the italian government, it is a monument and a museum. It is a natural phenomenon, not man made. Two thousand years ago the emperor Tiberius made a sea ninphaeum here and was able to stay cool when it was particularly hot. To make the ambient more pleasing architects and artists of court decortated the walls and added varcus statues depicting Tritons and the God Poseidon. In 1964 some statues were discovered on the sea with bed, they are through to be Poseidon and Tritons.
Into oblivion and abandoned, around that time there was fear and superstition, the islanders were convinced that they would find witches and monstrous creatures. Until 1826 when it became rediscovered by fisherman Angelo Ferraro. From that long time ago it had never been visited.
The scientific exploration commenced to understand why the water wa so azure blue, why were there objets in the sea and also why the shimmering silver colour on the water.
Beneath the small entrance there exists a large opening under the sea. The sun light enters through this big hole submerged in the water, the sea filters the red colours leaving only the blue colours to emerge.

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